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Benefits of Membership

All Hawaii athletic trainers who join the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) are automatically members of the Hawaii Athletic Trainers’ Association (HATA).


Members receive organization and professional news, education opportunity information and state legislation information. You can find Athletic Trainers providing health care in a variety of settings including High School and Collegiate Athletics, Rehabilitation Clinics, Physician Clinics and Professional Athletics to name a few. Athletic Trainers assess injuries, provide acute injury and emergency care, perform rehabilitation and reconditioning following an injury, and employ techniques to prevent injuries.

Current Member Statistics

Certified Members 239

Student 27

Please fill this out if you are requesting reimbursement for purchases made as part of a supported HATA committee

If you would like to view any past HATA meeting minutes, attend future HATA executive board meetings, or view the HATA Constitution and Bylaws, please contact the HATA Secretary at

Past HATA Executive Board Meetings

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